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GN-Breaking News Reveals

GN-Breaking news reveals the start up as a company and unfolds its PSstar Business services solution System.

GN-Networks launching PSstar Product line
GN-Networks is launching the PSstar system and the associate products line. System will be launched through an upcoming services site-PSstar Center.

Upcoming Market’ product Line is Planned to be revealed in GN-Future
Upcoming PSstar system markets products line will soon be reveal to prospective market sectors where the company plan to make the PSstar system and its line of products available in the immediate future.

GN-Networks Lending Support to the Launching of The new and Upcoming PSstar Center.

GN-is lending its support to the launching of the new upcoming PSstar Center., a website services center that will allow variety of service provider to offer online service to their customers , using the PSstar system and other online services.

Gnnetworks Making Breaking News

GN-Networks Logistics-Technologies is a startup company developing online and back-office operations support software for businesses; and online transaction and POS service systems for their customers. GN-Networks Logistics-Technologies software will enable many services to be planned online and will provide the online transaction system that is required to complete a variety of planned services.

GN-Networks Logistics-Technologies, through its software development efforts is creating and designing the PSSTAR system. This system will be introduced to the market on a business services center website. The site/system will provide business services and support to member service providers and will also provide services to all member service provider customers.

The PSSTAR system can be offered to businesses and service providers as an independently licensed product. The licenses will be available in a variety of market sectors. The system will also be available as a custom system specifically tailored for businesses’ unique back office operations and will incorporate their distinctive service and/or product

GN-Networks Upcoming NewProduct Line review

GN-networks launching a new product line , The PSStar System , which function will allow consumers to plan, order, and remit payment for products and services via the Internet. The system can be used by businesses either as a shared system on a service center website or as an independent product provided to businesses as an upgradeable licensed product. The system will allow businesses to operate front and back office transactions online for more effective management of services, alleviate service location congestion, reduce waiting time for services, increase service efficiency, and reduce service cost per customer.

PSstar System
Is online-based browser software that is used for services planning and transaction setup and processing and it is made available to services providers in the Hospitality, entertainment, transportation, sport centers and other business services providers and services center. The Psstar system browser also provides Online POs system functionality and supports to business providers that are clients as well as their customers.

GN-networks Logistics, plans to provide its Psstar System browser based software as a licenses software program to independent services providers business clients as well as providing the use of the system to other business services providers that subscribe to the of Psstar system services and supports. The Psstar System will be made available for uses by various business services providers as well as in some major services centers that clients business customers uses to provide their services and some of the prospective services providers as well as the services centers includes the lists of the followings.

Hospitality Service Centers-Restaurants; Hotels; Resorts.
Entertainment Service Centers-Theaters; Concerts
Sporting Events Center
Amusement Parks
Travel/ Transportation Services
Businesses products/Service Providers

A step ahead —
A new Management online Workflow system and a service center Comes into the market place.

GN-Networks Logistics and technologies is debuting its ” PSstar System”, a new online services transaction setup and services payment center; The “PSstar Center”, a new online service center in the Dallas/Ft-worth area and other areas that includes-Houston; Austin and San-Antonio areas in Texas and later to be made available in other areas nation wide. The System is a new management workflow system, designed as an online-based software solution and business application that will support most choice service providers such as Hotels, Restaurants; Entertainment; Service Event centers; Transportation Services and other service providers in the market place.

The System application will provide:

  • Online POs System to service providers
  • Allow Transaction o be setup.
  • Payment(s) to be made.

The PSstar System is provided online as a shared system or as a customized licensed application to individual businesses or service providers. The PSstar is truly a revolutionary product, which its efficiency will help to improve businesses bottom-line. PSstar’s convenience and time saving features will improve every service provider’s customer’s life.